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Descendants of Dennis SPRINGER

First Generation

1. Dennis SPRINGER was born on 15 Nov 1768 in Virginia. He died on 17 Aug 1842 in Lexington, Lauderdale County, Alabama and was buried in Aug 1842 in Lexington, Lauderdale County, Alabama.

The Springer name originated from Christoph Lewis I who was knighted and made Count Springer of Waldenberg, Silesia (in Austria), by Henry IV of Germany. He was born in 1091, died in 1120 and married Adelgunan in 1109. Three of his grandsons became the progenitors of three lines of Counts - Counts of Waldenberg, Counts of Weldenstein and the Counts of Scharffeneck. The Scharffeneck branch of the family eventually became extinct while the other two branches eventually became very numerous. From Silesia some of them spread to Bohemia where some married among the peasants and whose descendants finally became serfs. Others in Bohemia preserved their nationality and became distinguished persons. Then they migrated in a northwesterly direction, leaving their trace through the districts of Potsdam, Frankfort, Berlin, Stettin, Stralsund, Mecklenburg, Hamburg, Lubecks, Lauenberg, Holstein and Schleswig. From there they moved on to Denmark and Sweden. These migrations have been traced by a number of scholars. The branch that went to Sweden divided into three parts with one part coming to the New World (America). In tracing their movements it is interesting to note that they are seldom found in Catholic countries. The branch that came to America is the branch that gave us some of our ancestors.

Dennis married Margaret "Peggy" about 1791 in Union County, South Carolina. Margaret was born in 1775 in Virginia. She died in 1851 in McNairy County, Tennessee.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i Thomas SPRINGER
+ 3 M ii Ezekiel SPRINGER
  4 M iii James SPRINGER was born in 1798 in Union County, South Carolina.
        James married Polly MCDONALD on 24 Apr 1822 in Lauderdale County, Alabama.
+ 5 F iv Eleanor SPRINGER
+ 6 M v Uriah SPRINGER
  7 F vi Susanna SPRINGER was born in 1803 in Union County, South Carolina.
        Susanna married James WILLBURN on 12 Oct 1823 in Lawrence County, Tennessee.
+ 8 M vii Jonathon SPRINGER
+ 9 F viii Sybil SPRINGER
+ 10 M ix Dennis L SPRINGER
+ 11 F x Margaret Ann SPRINGER
+ 12 M xi John SPRINGER

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