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Descendants of William Shepard STEWART

First Generation

1. William Shepard STEWART was born on 19 Oct 1832 in Missouri. He died on 13 Sep 1896 in Kyle, Hays County, Texas and was buried in Sep 1896 in Kyle, Hays County, Texas.

James & Shirley Webb visited his grave at the Kyle Cemetery on February 24, 1995.

The original meaning of the word stiward (from older *stigeweard, *sty-warden) was one who looked after the domestic animals; hence, by extension of the meaning, one who provides for his master2 CONC e of the final letter of the name being t instead of d occurs in the Armorial de Gelre (ca 1370-88). By the eleventh century the word had come to mean one who superintended the household affairs of another, and was therefore a title of honor. In Scotland, the steward was not only chief of the royal household, but his power extended to the collection and management of the crown revenues, to the administration of justice, and in time of war he took first place in the army next to the king. The fame of Mary, queen of Scots (who spelled her name Stuart, after the French manner, there being no w in that language) and of the Young Pretender has made the French form popular. The Scottish royal family of Stewart descended from a family of Breton nobles. Walter, one of these nobles, was the first of his family in Scotland. He first appears in 1142 when he attests a charter of David I. He also appears as witness in other royal charters, and King David before his death in 1153 made a grant to this Walter of the office of Steward of Scotland. One of his descendants, Walter the sixth Steward fought at Bannockburn in 1314 and in 1319 he successfully defended Berwich against the English led by Edward III in person, and was one of the signers of the Scottish Declaration of Independence in 1320. In 1315 he married Marjory, daughter of King Robert the Bruce, who bore him a son, Robert, afterwards Robert II, first of the royal line of Stewart, crowned in 1371. When David I became King of Scotland in 1124, he appointed Walter fitz Alan to be High Steward of Scotland, the greatest office in the kingdom. This office was made hereditary to his family by Malcolm IV (1153-1165), thus creating the surname Stewart, which was to become the Royal Clan. When David II died without issue in 1371, Robert II became the first Stewart monarch, being the son of the marriage between the sixth High Steward and the daughter of Robert the Bruce. Many notable families were to descend from this royal line, but the Royal House of Stewart is remarkable as it was to rule the Scots for over three centuries, giving 14 sovereigns, of whom 6 also reigned in England. Perhaps influenced by the French court, Mary Queen of Scots (1542-67), adopted the spelling Stuart for the royal family. The hopes of the Royal House of Stewart perished in the carnage at Culloden in 1746 with Charles Edward Stuart, Bonnie Prince Charlie. Upon the death in 1807 of Prince Henry, Cardinal Duke of York and brother of Bonnie Prince Charlie, the male line of the Royal House of Stewart ceased. Since then the senior representatives of the Stewarts have been the Earls of Galloway. Today HRH Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales has the title of The Great Steward of Scotland as he is the female-line descendant of Walter fitz Alan, the first Stewart, and The Lord of the Isles from the marriage of the fourth Steward to the heiress of the Lord of Bute in the thirteenth century. Many people imagine that all persons bearing the name Stewart are of royal descent, but it must be borne in mind that there were many stewards and not all were sib to the king.

William married Susan SPRINGER, daughter of John SPRINGER and Elizabeth GAINES, on 28 Sep 1853 in McNairy County, Tennessee. Susan was born on 15 Sep 1834 in Lauderdale County, Alabama. She died on 15 Jun 1924 in Dilley, Frio County, Texas and was buried in Jun 1924 in Kyle, Hays County, Texas.

James & Shirley Webb visited her grave in the Kyle Cemetery on February 24, 1995

William and Susan had the following children:

  2 M i John Wesley STEWART was born on 29 Aug 1854 in Tennessee. He died on 17 Sep 1872 in Tennessee.
+ 3 M ii Thomas Alexander "Tom" STEWART
+ 4 F iii Malissa Elizabeth STEWART
+ 5 M iv William Ira STEWART
+ 6 F v Sarah Jane STEWART
  7 F vi Susan Elvira STEWART was born on 28 Jan 1867 in Tennessee. She died on 11 Feb 1867 in Tennessee.
+ 8 M vii Henry Cornelius STEWART
+ 9 M viii James Robert STEWART
  10 M ix Josiah Reeder STEWART was born on 21 Jan 1874 in Tennessee. He died on 27 Aug 1878.
+ 11 M x Franklin Shepard STEWART

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